About Concealed Carry Life

Updated Nov 12th, 2021


Who We Are

Welcome to Concealed Carry Life. CCL is the hub for concealed carry beginners. CCW is a big decision and getting all of your questions answered makes the process less stressful and confusing.

Our goal is to give you practical, useful, and beginner-friendly tips on everything you need to be a responsible and safe concealed carrier.  We cover what is important for new gun owners from topics ranging from the best concealed carry holsters for runners, to the best books on CCW, to turning your home into an impenetrable fortress, to how to survive in urban environments.

Concealed carry Life is a newer website, but I’m confident we will attract an audience of sharpshooters in no time. So if you’re interested in taking your self-defense in your own hands, welcome.

Review Process

The internet is filled with information. And most of it provides little to no value. We want to be better than that. How will we do it? Simple, we put in more effort. More work. We take the time to research high-quality sources.

Our Writers

The writing is the backbone behind our work. The topics that we discuss and write about is shared from real-world experience on the topic being discussed.

Meet Joe

My name is Joe Bourne, I started Concealed Carry Life not too long ago. The goal is to make the process of becoming a responsible and safe concealed carrier easier, less stressful, and more encouraging.

Read more about Joe Bourne.

Editorial Guidelines

This is where the rubber meets the road. Our guidelines and publishing standards are what separates us from the crowd.


Contact Us

If you need to contact us at any time, feel free and welcome to do so. I always try to build connections with our readers so I can help them further.

If you have any feedback for us, you can send us a message at:


Or if you would rather send us a letter, a little ink and paper is an option too. Mail us a letter our mailing address:

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Have a suggestion? You can also message us if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the content for you. Our goal is to be as helpful as possible. Let us know what would make this site more beneficial for you.