10 Best Concealed Carry Forums

Looking for the best concealed carry forums to sharpen your gun knowledge? In this post, we go over the top ten we found in our research.

Best Concealed Carry Forums

  1. r/CCW
  2. GunandGame.com
  3. GunBoards.com
  4. DefensiveCarry.com
  5. USACarry.com
  6. Ohioans for Concealed Carry
  7. The Armory Life Forum
  8. TheHighRoad
  9. AR15.com
  10. TheFiringLine

1) Reddit’s Concealed Carry Weapon Forum

If you are new to the whole world of concealed carry weapons (CCW) you probably should check out Reddit’s forum on concealed carry weapons.

This forum welcomes people from all firearm experience levels. The forum has a friendly vibe to it and encourages inexperienced members to take part in ongoing discussions.

This forum is extremely active and members frequently post pictures of their concealed weapons and equipment including, permits and holsters.

It is against the rules of the forum for members to post a picture of just their weapon. This reinforces the idea that this forum has a specific designation of concealed carry content.

2) Gunandgame.com – CCW Forum

Gunandgame.com calls themselves the friendliest concealed carry forum on the web and from all indications they are not wrong.

The forum rules make it an inviting space to have lively discussions without worrying about any disagreements erupting into name-calling.

The rules set on this forum keep the conversations civil and prevent people from trolling other members. You are free to discuss your views on any concealed carry subject without worrying that you will be harassed.

3) CCW Discussion Forum on Gunboards.com

Gunboards.com is a niche site that has been created for gun collectors by gun collectors. If you are not an avid gun collector this forum may not be the best choice for you to participate in.

Their conceal and carry weapons forum does not seem to be particularly active compared to a site like Reddit, but when members do have questions they often get a quick reply. It seems like members are lurking in this forum until a particular question arises.

This forum allows you to ask questions about a variety of carrying and conceal subjects; including, subjects in the areas of law, tactics, and accessories.

4) Defensivecarry.com

Defensivecarry.com has been around since 2004 and tackles a wide range of gun topics including concealed carry. The general forum has over 107 k members who have made over 4.9 M posts.

The Concealed Carry Issues & Discussion forum is incredibly active with a total of over 589.3 k posts having been made in this discussion group. In fact the concealed carry board has been viewed over 73.9 million times.

This forum will have lots of posts on various CCW issues; including, CCW and mental illness, local laws about CCW, and specific thread for women who conceal and carry.

5) Usacarry. com

Usacarry.com has their own conceal and carry forum for residents of the United States of America. One of the options this forum provides in a discussion of conceal and carry issues based on state.

This thread provides users with specific answers to their local area concerns. On this forum, you will find a thread about a myriad of concealed carry weapon issues.

There are subsections for handguns, long guns, and the problems that arise when trying to conceal either gun. There are also threads set up specifically for veterans, active military, and women.

6) Ohioans for Concealed Carry

Ohioans for Concealed Carry is a forum that has been set up for those engaging in concealed carry in the Ohio region.

This forum warns members to think about what they post as they have government officials, as well as members of the media subscribed to their board and member’s words, could be used in media posts or to educate lawmakers about Ohioans for Concealed Carry.

Another warning given in the introduction to the forums is that participants should be mindful that they are representatives of the community and their actions can damage the reputation of the whole group.

The warnings may seem daunting to new members but this forum has a community of caring members that are always available to help their fellow Ohioans.

7) The Armory Life Forum

Thearmorylife.com is a site dedicated to gun enthusiasts. The site provides in-depth content for beginner firearm users and seasoned shooters.

With hundreds of thousands of users the Armory Life has become a place for gun enthusiasts to gather the latest firearm news. This site features a forum where members can ask each other questions and get answers to their related firearm questions.

Their forum was launched in the beginning of 2020 and already has 40,000 posts. While they do not have a specific CCW board you are free to ask any concealed carry questions and make comments on the forum.

There are currently several discussions going on about CCW concerns and issues.

8) Thehighroad.org

If you are looking for a forum that covers a wider range of topics then thehighroad.org has the forum for you.

The forum invites new members to introduce themselves in a thread near the top of the forum. While not specific to CCW issues this site does have threads related to the subject.

A quick search of the forum reveals they have over 7,000 discussions related to various CCW issues going on.

The discussion board is open to a variety of topics so you will be getting advice from members who may have experience in open carry issues. Sharing of information helps create a more unique learning environment.

9) AR15.com

AR15.com features a huge forum that has generated over 6 million topics. This forum does not have a specific board for concealed carry weapons.

This forum seems to lack a suitable search engine to search internally. So it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for unless you scroll through the various discussion boards that seem to be sorted into various gun types: AR15, AK47, handguns and precision rifles.

If you are looking for threads concerning CCW you are better off searching google to find these discussions than spending time scrolling through all the forums to find your particular area of interest.

With thousands of members always active on the site, you are sure to find someone available to answer your concealed carry questions.

10) The Firing Line Forum

The Firing Line forum is another forum that focuses on firearms in general and providing specific knowledge of different gun types. One of the main threads on this forum teaches you tactics for using your gun.

It does not focus on open carry or concealed carry. That is to say, both types of carry questions can be discussed throughout the forum.

There is a general discussion thread where you can discuss anything firearm-related and engage in conversation with other members. Here would be a good place to post your concealed carry questions or comments.

With over 100,000 members you can be sure that you will be able to find someone to talk to about firearms and CCW.