10 Best EDC Knives Under $200

Looking for the best EDC knives under $200? You’re in the right place.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a knife that is built with higher quality steels and has the durability of more expensive knives. Most knives that are hundreds of dollars aren’t worth it. But spending a decent amount on a knife can be more than worth it, that’s what this post is about.

We looked at the top knives for EDC that are under $200 or even $100, these are the top ones.


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1) Kershaw’s 1600 Speed Knife


This is a very small knife, but despite everything looks great to use, its size does not affect that it is too natural to work with it and keep it clean. Considering all things, EDC items should be small!

The handle has a single pocket piece in a single position and is not reasonable for the individuals who gave the left. There is also an additional tip lock, which exists to foil blade opening while the model is inside your pocket.


  • Very small (which is ideal for EDC)
  • Additional lock


  • Knife is smaller than expected



2) Ontario 8848 folding knife


This tactical knives appearance is exceptionally attractive. The 8848 blade highlights the tilted edge shape, and it’s an amazing cutting tool.

However, the steel under the hood is AUS8, which is a Japanese hard knife, which is very tough and simple to polish. The overall work environment is satisfactory – people with larger hands will definitely love the size of the handle


  • Made with Japanese steel
  • Easy to polish with this type of steel




3) Cold Steel Folding Tactical Knife


Cold Steel Recon is the hard, strong, and convincing backbone of the world of tactical folding knives. The steel blade protects the DLC cap for long-term use. The cover is dark and pleasant to touch, and is very hard against scratches and wear.

The development of Cold Steel is the most secure foldable knife lock frame available, carrying 800 pounds of hanging weight. The scales around the handle around the finger grooves give a wonderful understanding and comfort.

The blade is held around the stop pin for extended mileage protection. The whole surface of the lock and the Tang cushion sit flush, making the lock frame gradually safe.


  • Resistant to scratches due to the material
  • Extended mileage protection
  • Lock frame is extra safe


  • The head may be duller than expected.



4) 0095BW ECD Titanium Fin Knife


This rugged tactical knife has a great steel blade with a black wash finish that provides the incredible edge-on ability and wears resistance. The steel upper ensures a sharp and durable edge

Also, DLC’s coverage of tungsten on the blade and knobs gives exposed area and is resistant to abrasion and scratching. Titanium handle with broadly shaped edges gives you a secure and acceptable grip

It opens physically with the KVT metal cylinder frame and tacit fin. The knife is essential for use as a tool for endurance, box cutting, self-preservation, or tactical purposes.


  • The blade has tungsten making it more resistant to abrasions
  • Titanium handle




5) Spyderco Knife Stubborn Folding


Spyderco Tenacious looks like a large sheath locking knife, with a ground blade. The handle accompanies the finger groove, making the knife easy to open with only one hand, and is also the placement with the largest portion of Spyderco blades.

Finishing is not very strong. Since it has a steel strip, Spyderco Tenacious has a very sturdy structure, but this also gives it some weight. Regarding the lock component, we only have expressions of praise, while overall achievement makes the model seem like something increasingly expensive.


  • Steel grip for strong grip


  • Finishing isn’t very strong



6) Kershaw Kane EDC Onion Blur


The blade of this model is produced using graded aluminum, which implicitly means that the aluminum surface has changed on a small level – it has been reinforced and made more powerful. Likewise, the shading procedure gives a clear and inconspicuous shading to the blade, making it safe

Another really enjoyable thing is the addition liner lock, which makes the model lightweight but safe and sturdy at the same time. We also need to offer appreciation for the pre-bored slots, which are arranged on the handle and are present to upgrade the general consolation.


  • The blade is made with graded aluminum
  • Has a liner lock making it lightweight and sturdy at the same time




7) Griptilian 556 EDC Small Knife


The main thing to see about this knife is undoubtedly a beautiful blade – the materials used here are premium quality 154cm hardened steel, made in the USA, and is unpleasant and sharp. The blade has a shape that includes the purported tilted edge, with a gentle curvature that beautifully drops the tip of the knife and activates it when it is used, the screwdriver.

The knife is smooth and strong. The lock gets its capacity from the steel bar inside the model and makes the whole thing safer and simpler for the activity being presented.


  • Made with 154cm hardened steel




8) Spyderco Para Military 2 EDC knife


The Spyderco includes an open-care lightweight development style, and the treated steel liners are leveled into the final G-10 Tables. This reduces the thickness of the handle and provides great help to lock the pressure of the knife.

Para 3 is crafted from premium hardened steel and provides predominant formula, edge maintenance, and low grinding cutting implementation. It drips all the highlights of this top layer folding knife into a compact bundle.


  • Easy to lock due to the fine handle




9) CRKT EDC Squid Knife Tool


This CRKT knife blade and the handle is made from steel, both of which look very cool and much more expensive than the real cost of this knife. The blade gracefully grows from edge to handle, and is really wide – it’s close to the entire inch.

Additionally, there are some useful grooves here, which give the user an amazing thumb position.


  • The handle is made with steel




10) Knife Tac-Force EDC


It’s a very charming knife – although very modest, it looks like something more expensive. It includes a very decent mix of dark and orange, which shines a very attractive look as we would like to think.

The blade is made of 440 stainless steel and is sharp enough for normal use around the home or in the wooded areas outside. The handle, once again, is made of orange and dark aluminum and has a major flexible logo at the center.


  • Made with 440 stainless steel




What To Look For and What To Avoid

The Blade

Remember that these are the EDC blades we discuss here so that no blade is designed with a blade more than 4 “. The blade must also be made of first-class reinforced steel, which is against corrosion and carries a pleasant edge.

Curved blades on EDC blades take advantage of being short by expanding the accessible front line, so it’s an interesting point as well.

The Handle

The handles will determine the range of EDC blades acceptable to work, the fact that they are very protected to work with, and how sliding the knife is in your pocket. Look for EDC blades with the most secure visuals possible.

A large handle will make the knife awkward to the extent the pocket goes, so look for a handle that sits moderately. In the event that you are not a pocket carrying a type of individual, be sure to choose a knife that provides the option to cut a pocket or belt.

Opening Methods

There are three types of unlocking systems, mainly on EDC blades: manual, auxiliary, and automatic. The strategy you choose, the most important thing is that the blade opens without a fight and secures incessantly.


EDC blades have a wide variety of looks, from the strong, undoubtedly reach refined to utilitarian. How you choose will be controlled by your taste.



I hope this buyer guide on the best EDC knives helped you out with some solid information and tips on what to buy depending on what you’re looking for.

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