5 Best Snub Nose Revolvers For Concealed Carry [Updated 2022]

Looking for the best snub nose revolvers for concealed carry? We’re going to go over the best ones that are available today.

Revolvers make great carry options for not only concealed carry but for home defense in general. So if you’re looking for a weapon that is ideal for home defense and security, a snub nose revolver is a good choice.

After we go over the list, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions on snub nose revolvers so you can make a better-informed decision on whether or not it will fit your needs.

Purchasing the right gun to be your conceal carry weapon is important; it has the potential to save your life or hinder your attack readiness. Based upon the expert knowledge of the team behind this magazine, we have compiled this list to assist you with purchasing your next go-to self-defense weapon.

There are two primary reasons for researching revolvers and even more so for the concealed carry community. You’re exploring options for home defense and don’t want to opt for a home defense survival shotgun quite yet, or you’re considering one for concealed carry. Or both.



5 Best Snub Nose Revolvers

1) Kimber K6s DASA Revolver


The Kimber K6 is part of Kimber’s updated revolver line. It features a double and single-action trigger mechanism, a compact envelope, a three-inch barrel, and carries six .357 magnum rounds.


  • The three-inch barrel provides more sight radius, which contributes to precise shooting.
  • The K6 is ambidextrous, designed for both left or right-handed shooters.


  • The handle is walnut, which may offer less control than a rubber handle.
  • The size of the gun is better suited to smaller hands.
  • Shooters will feel more recoil when operating this gun.
  • This gun is less generally accurate at a significant distance.


Why carry the K6?

The K6 was designed for self-defense one would encounter in a real-life situation. This revolver is smooth, making it ideal to draw to defend yourself without it snagging on your clothes, and simple to re-holster after being drawn. The K6 is nice to shoot, making it a gun that shooters can quickly become comfortable with, which is crucial when concealed carrying a weapon.




2) Ruger LCR Double-Action Revolver – .38 Special


The Ruger LCR is built with a monolithic frame of 7000 series aluminum. LCR stands for “lightweight compact revolver”, which is supported by its purposeful design.

The cylinder and barrel insert is made of stainless steel. The polymer grip frame reduces the overall weight of the gun, making it easier to handle.

The non-stacking trigger was designed to avoid impeding a shooter’s sight during the firing process.

The LCR carries five rounds and is available in several calibers; 9mm, .357 magnum, .38 special, or .22WMR.


  • This gun is easy to operate for shooters of any experience level, making it ideal for beginners.
  • The double-action trigger is smooth to fire.
  • The concealed hammer allows for the LCR to be fired from a concealed location such as from inside a purse.
  • The frame is flat black, not shiny, making it less flashy.
  • The front sight is pinned to the LCR’s frame, and it is easy to replace with aftermarket options should you choose to.


  • This gun is designed for right-handed shooters.
  • Some shooters complained that their finger was pinched in the trigger no matter how they adjusted their grip.

Why carry the Ruger LCR?

Many people say that this gun is their favorite to conceal carry because of it’s intentional design. The LCR’s compact size, smooth shooting action, and low key appearance make it ideal to conceal carry.



3) Smith & Wesson 638 Airweight Double-Action Revolver


Built on Smith & Wesson’s famous J-Frame, the Smith & Wesson 638 Revolver is set apart by its stainless steel and alloy body, designed to fight rust caused by humidity and sweat. This revolver carries five .38 special + p rounds.



  • The 638 revolver fires in single or double action modes.
  • The shrouded hammer contributes toward a smooth draw and prevents the weapon from snagging on clothing.
  • The black rubber handle offers a sturdy grip.


  • This revolver is designed for right-handed shooters only.

Why carry the Smith & Wesson 638 revolver?

This revolver is comfortable to carry, shoots smoothly, is easy to control, offers good accuracy with practice, and is an ideal size to be concealed.



4) Smith & Wesson 642 Crimson


The Smith & Wesson 642 Crimson Trace Revolver is a double-action revolver that carries five rounds of .38 special. Its clean, streamlined design, and the rust-resistant alloy and stainless steel J-Frame, make this revolver a modern-day classic with features ideal for concealed carry.


  • The laser automatically lights up when the revolver is held with a natural shooting grip; shooters do not have to think about pressing a button. The black rubber grip has a texture which contributes to good control and feels good to handle.
  • The trigger is heavy and long, which offers a good safety measure for high-stress situations, as it forces you to shoot deliberately rather than reactively.
  • The low profile rear sight and the internal hammer assist with quick, smooth draws.


  • The satin finish is esthetically pleasing but may catch the light, providing an attacker a heads up that the gun is being drawn.



Why carry the Smith & Wesson 642?

This revolver is lightweight, weighing less than some guns that are slightly larger than it is. The 642 is also smooth to operate and an ideal size to conceal. The low profile sights are reliable to use and nearly impossible to inadvertently misalign. The laser offers assistance with accuracy in high-stress scenarios and may scare an attacker off before the gun needs to be fired.


5) Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 38 Double-Action Revolver




The Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard Double-Action Revolver offers shooters the ability to have a laser sight that minimally impacts the gun’s ability to be concealed. This revolver carries five rounds of .38 Special + P.


  • This revolver is ambidextrous, providing the ability for left or right-handed people to shoot it.
  • The flat black and gray coloring are muted, making it ideal for low key draws necessary for effective self-defense.
  • The revolver is made of aluminum, stainless steel, and polymer to keep it lightweight.
  • The crimson trace laser is removable.
  • The rubber grip offers good control.


  • The crimson trace laser is mounted on the right side and cannot be mounted on the left side.
  • Operating the laser takes some thought, which is not ideal in a high-stress self-defense situation. One-click turns it on, the second makes it pulsate, and the third turn it off.
  • The laser impacts the holster that the revolver may be carried in.


Why carry the Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard?

This revolver is reasonably priced at the time of the publishing of this article considering its features. It is designed to be conceal carried with its compact stature and lightweight body. The design allows it to be drawn quickly, and to be used in close range self-defense situations. The laser has the potential to scare attackers away without the gun having to be fired.

What to Avoid

Avoid shiny or flashy finishes. The less a weapon catches the eye of others, the more likely you would be able to defend yourself effectively and quickly.

Some shooters may choose to purchase a concealed carry purse or briefcase instead of holstering their gun on their body. Keeping the gun off your body is not recommended; it will impede your response time in the event you must draw your weapon rapidly, and you risk the gun being separated from you if your purse is stolen or misplaced.

Other Buyer Tips

Whenever possible, try shooting the gun before you purchase it to make sure that you will be comfortable operating it. Many ranges have weapons available to be rented, or you may know a friend who owns the gun you are considering who you could ask to go to the range with you.

Purchase a gun belt and holster based upon the gun you want to carry. If you purchase a belt and holster without considering what weapon they will be used with, they may not work well together, which will hinder your response to an attack.

Your gun should be kept in a safe when you are not carrying it. You should be able to purchase a gun safe at the same store you purchase your gun from.

Consider purchasing a gun safe for your car. If you are carrying and decide to go to a restaurant or other establishment that does not allow guns to be brought in, you will need a safe place to keep your gun while inside. However, do not keep your gun in your car exclusively, as doing so risks the gun being stolen, and the gun will rust.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a revolver barrel considered a snub nose?

When the measurement of the revolver barrel is 2.5 inches or less, it is considered to be a snub nose revolver. There is some debate over this since there’s no definitive answer. Some say that since there is an apparent gap between 3′ and 4′ barrels that anything 3′ and under should be considered a snub nose. I mostly agree with that. Others will say anything 2.5′ and shorter is the snub nose.

Are revolvers good for concealed carry?

Revolvers, including snub nose revolvers, make excellent concealed carry handguns for personal defense and protection. Revolvers are known to be safer than other handguns.

What’s the point of a snub nose?

The snub nose revolver was designed specifically because there was a need for a close-quarters self-defense handgun that was compact, making it easy to conceal, and also able to be drawn quickly.


Snub nose revolvers are excellent choices for concealed carry and home defense. Now you know the best snub nose revolvers on the market. Enjoy.

The two most important traits of a concealed carry weapon are your ability to operate it and your ability to conceal it, which all of these revolvers accomplish. No matter which revolver you choose to carry, be sure to put in time at the range regularly and often.

Do you own a snub nose that you think should be in the list?