27 Concealed Carry Skills You Must Know

Honing, refining, and perfecting your concealment skills like an artist refining his brushstroke, will be a lifelong advantage. Here are 27 concealed carry tips that will turn you into a pro in no time.

27 Concealed Carry Skills For Beginners

Identify emergency ballistic shields

Do you know what bullets can and cannot penetrate through? Knowing this can be the difference between surviving and not.

Conceal Escape Tools

Always keep these tools hidden and concealed. You don’t want them to know you’re going to be able to escape and still be home in time for dinner.

Build An improvised DIY Concealable rifle rack

You can improvise nearly anything to help you. Hide your rifles by hiding them in place site.

Stick to your guns

There are many different types of handguns to chose for a concealed carry handgun or weapon.

Glocks are popular choices. Law Enforcement uses Glocks and for good reasons. Whatever you chose to use though, learn the weapon well.

The more you know about it, the more skilled you will become and the better you will be able to use it.

Learn The Gray Man Theory

gray man

Learning the Gray Man Theory is one of the best urban survival skills you can have. They are also masters of concealed carry, naturally.

Become Safety Savvy Learn Gun Safety

Safety is first, always.

Spot a Concealed Handgun

how to spot a concealed handgun

Concealed your handgun, don’t let anyone know. Spot their concealed weapon first.

Ambush an Active Shooter

Learning some stealth skills will be mandatory to take down an active shooter without them seeing you first.

Develop Surveillance Strategy

What’s effective and what’s not effective when it comes to surveillance of an area?

Cool, Calm, and Collected


Don’t act like you’re packing when you’re packing.

Do More Than Sign Your Name


The tactical pen is hands down one of the most effective tools you can carry with you for self-defense. They’re small, lightweight, easy to carry. All of which makes it effortless to conceal it.

Learning how to use and properly defend yourself with a tactical pen is another subject. It takes practice to become skilled at using against an attacker.

Learn The Different Concealment Options

concealed carry options

There are a few different options for your concealed carry method. Even more, if you’re a female (no offense gents).

Treat a Gunshot Wound


Worst case scenario, it’s crucial to know what to do while medical arrives.

Make an Improvised Concealed Carry Holster

best homemade gun holster

Don’t have a holster? Improvise. Here’s how to make the best concealed carry holster.

Learn The Law

Stay updated on the federal and state laws for concealed carry weapons and firearms. If you travel, brush up on the legal literature once in a while just so you’re aware of any changes.

Specifically, before you travel out of state.

Deceive Identified Surveillance

Naturally, after identifying any surveillance equipment, the next thing to do would be to deceive that very same equipment.

Make a Rectal Concealment

You have to do what you have to do to have protection.

Shoot From a Vehicle

You may be a master marksman at the gun range in a nice controlled position without any pressure. But in a real-life scenario of defending your life, further shooting skills may be required.

Make a DIY Silencer

It might be unnecessary depending on what type of survival situations you’re getting yourself into. Or it could just be to feel like James Bond for a short duration of silent shooting.

Well worth it in my opinion…

You can use a water bottle to make a silencer from.

This video shows you how.

Situational Awareness

situational awareness
The Situational Awareness Guide

Many say that this is the most important skill to develop for concealed carrier and urban survival in general.

I would agree. Knowing what is going on around you and even more, being able to quickly identify what is going on around you is invaluable. The Survival Journal has a good situational awareness guide.

Prevent Theft When Lodging

Conceal your belongings when lodging

Disarm a Pistol

Learn the anatomy of a pistol. Like a doctor knows the anatomy of your heart.

Know exactly how to disarm a pistol quickly and quietly.

Make a Concealable Compass


Concealing firearms aren’t the only items that we want to use for concealment purposes. Simply hiding what resources we have can be a great advantage.

Draw a Concealed Pistol

There’s not much of a worse event that could take place when you need to draw your weapon for defending your life… than to improperly draw the firearm and lose control and even possession of it.

Use Improvised Body Armor

Protect your body at all costs. Know what will protect you and what won’t. Knowing how to use something for body armor is one thing, being able to identify potential body armor is another. Both are separate skills and are worth knowing.

Concealed Gear With Caches

Caches are great for containing kits and tool combinations. Use em.


If you learn and apply just a handful of these, you’ll be more prepared to survive an attack.

Do you practice any of these concealed carry skills on a daily basis? Let us know what has helped you the most.