Concealed Carry Loophole: The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry Confessions of a Former CIA Officer by Jason Hanson

Have you heard about the Concealed Carry Loophole? It’s called The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry Confessions of a Former CIA Officer by Jason Hanson. It’s a legal “loophole” that allows you to carry concealed in 28 states. This is a full review on the product so you can decide whether or not it’s worth it for you.

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Who has time to go in-person to a class to carry a concealed weapon? Your life is busy, and you do not have time to go through regular training without taking time away from work and your family. There are ways to get your training through legal loopholes that can give you everything you need to keep yourself in an emergency.

How to Approach Concealed Carry

Carrying a concealed weapon can save your life when you break down by the side of the road or are traveling through unfamiliar areas. The conceal carry loophole lets you get the proper instruction from the comfort and convenience of your home. The online training covers all the material you would in a regular classroom while discovering tricks that can help you protect your family and stay safe while doing so.

About the Author

The author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry: Confessions of a Former CIA Officer Jason Hanson takes real-life situations and puts them to use in is classroom course. He is a writer for Personal and Home Defense Magazine, Concealed Carry Magazine, and Combat Handguns. He also really is a former CIA agent who has all the tips and tricks to help you get through the online training course and change your life forever.

A Classroom Course

The right set of courses is something that can prepare you to carry concealed inside your home state and into other neighboring states. Knowing the laws and being safe with your firearm will help you get your permit and keep it as long as you need it.

How to Safely Carry and Use a Firearm

Firearm safety is the number one topic covered in the online course. Carrying a gun conceal or otherwise is a responsibility that you assume when you purchase your firearm. Always treat the gun as if it is loaded even if you know it is empty.


Accidents happen, and the last thing anyone wants is someone hurt because a bullet is still in the chamber, even if the magazine is not in the gun. Proper firearm safety starts with removing the magazine and checking the chamber for the +1. Treating your gun as if it is always loaded will also prevent accidents when it can really happen.


It seems obvious that not all types of ammunition will fit all types of weapons, but the proper ammo for your gun will also do different things depending on the type and the target it is for. You need to know what kind of ammo to buy to protect your home when compared with the right type to go hunting rabbits.

How to Fire a Gun

You point the gun and squeeze the trigger, right? Simple right? It is not that simple when you need to double-check your firearm for ammo, load the ammo while aiming and firing. It takes practice and speed. You also need to know how to handle a jam or other obstruction within record time.

Sometimes you don’t have the time, which means you need to practice and improve your technique. The online concealed carry class can help you learn the best practices for shooting and how to add to your speed while being accurate.

Proper Storage

Proper storage and transport for your firearm will help keep you and your family safe from accidents. You will learn about gun safes, gun locks, and transportation cases that will help you properly handle the times when you are not using your firearm.

The Law

You cannot carry concealed in all situations and at all times. You will learn when you cannot carry concealed regardless of any licenses you hold. You will also learn when you cannot shoot someone during a home invasion. Staying safe is important; staying within the law is also important.

The law prohibits you from carrying guns in specific places, and carrying concealed is out of the questions. The loopholes do not allow for concealed carry in restaurants where alcohol is served or within schools, where children are present.

You will also learn how to address concealed carry when facing a law enforcement officer who must check for firearms. There are things you should and should not say in this situation.

Learn Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is critical when traveling through unsafe areas where you may or may not be safe. You will learn how to listen and not become a victim through your training. Stay aware when traveling through dangerous areas or areas you are unfamiliar with.

Safe States

You cannot use your training in select states. There are only twenty-eight states that will allow you to carry concealed without specific types of courses and class completed that extend beyond this program. Carrying conceal through the twenty-two states that do not allow it can bring criminal charges, so look up the states before you travel and verify what you need to do to make you legal within those states

There are loopholes within even these states, though, so you will need to verify what is applicable before you visit, such as being able to carry concealed in certain places without needing a permit. Being a non-state resident will not be a problem in those states as the law is the same for the residents as well as non-residents.

What is nice is that the conceal carry course covers information that is applicable for states across the country. It is not state-specific. You will have the training to enter any of the twenty-eight states that offer similar permits through the one online concealed carry program. You will be legal for them all

Gun “Unfriendly” States

The course can also work for some gun “unfriendly” states. You will need to complete the course and submit your paperwork to the specific agency within the states. If approved, you will be able to carry concealed in a gun “unfriendly” state such as California.

The best part is, you can take the course completely online without ever having to attend a school in person.

Final Thoughts

Carrying a concealed weapon can save your life. You need training to do so legally, and the right course will cover everything you need for multiple states.


If you want to protect your family and your home, you need to consider the loopholes and the types of programs you need to get the right training.

By following the course outline in Jason Hanson’s training course will help you to pass the quizzes and easily answer any questions asked of you.

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