EDC Essentials To Never Leave Home Without

Emergencies and disasters happen anywhere and at any time. When they do happen, you want to have the EDC essentials with you. Without knowing what the most important items are and which tools will deliver the most functionality and ability, you may be carrying something that doesn’t serve you as well as a different item could.

Essential Every Day Carry Kit

  • Pocket Knife
  • Wallet
  • Flashlight
  • Mini Multi-Tool
  • Firestarter
  • Paracord
  • Handgun

You don’t know where you’ll be or what you’ll have with you. To best be prepared, have an every day carry (EDC) kit of essential survival items where ever you are. At least your house, your car, and where you work.

If you spend a significant amount of time elsewhere, it’s a good idea to have one there as well. Mother nature and criminals won’t care that you’re not prepared for the shit that’s about to hit the fan.

If you’re new to concealed carry and taking a more personal defense attitude, you may be thinking about what are the essential EDC items you should always have with you. Here are 7 items for the essential everyday carry kit.

The point is to establish an EDC kit of essential items that we can carry on us every day to be prepared for when there’s an emergency.

What do you leave home with?

Do you always have specific items that you always have on yourself?

Do you keep items in your car?

At the bare minimum, carrying the essential items with you will serve twofold.

  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that just in case you end up in an emergency scenario. You’ll have what you need to protect yourself.
  • When something does happen. You’ll be happy you carried with you a few simple but effective EDC items.

Have A Backup EDC Kit

Being prepared means you have a backup kit of the most important items to have with you day to day.

Since these items are the most important, you may want to have a backup kit at the places you spend the most time at.

Home, Car, and Office are good places to have a backup.

Urban Survival Kit: Essential EDC Items You Should Have

There are EDC items you bring with you when you just want to be a little extra cautious and have more protection for self-defense or emergencies with you. But you don’t want to carry them every single day.

This is the essentials list. The primary items to carry with you every day without struggle or interference. But still gives you more than enough confidence to handle and solve an emergency.

The Essential EDC Kit For Everyday Survival


We’re going to run through 7 items that make the biggest impact and have the most effective functionality for urban survival. They will keep you safe in an emergency and won’t break your wallet either.

1. Knife

Your knife is and will always be the top dog in your EDC and survival kits, your bug-out bag and everything else. Especially when you learn and develop all the different uses for survival knives.

Carrying a pocket knife is the number one item a man should have with him at all times. It’s the most versatile and useful item you can carry. You can open a beer, break a window, and defend yourself against a mugger all with your knife.

2. Wallet


The wallet is one of the most overlooked and underutilized items that we carry on a daily basis.

Have you ever thought using your wallet for survival and even tactical purposes? What? A wallet, a survival tool?


I speak the truth. There are different survival uses for a wallet that you may not know.

Tip: You’re back pain could be caused by carrying your wallet in one of your back pockets.

You want your wallet to be like everything else. Minimal, efficient, and multifunctional.

Have you ever thought of your wallet as a survival tool? It’s not as common to be thought of that. There are many wallet uses for survival that most don’t think of. The right kind of used properly and serve you well.

3. Mini Multi-tool

Multi-tools are one of the most versatile items available to use. They’re small (most of them) and compact. Allowing you to carry a lot of functionality with you.

Carrying a full out tactical multi-tool seems overkill for carrying every day. Opt for the mini multi-tool and you have a near perfect EDC tool.

4. Paracord

Having paracord handy with you at all times is beneficial. Paracord has dozens of different uses for survival.

Carrying something like a Paracord Survival Bracelet is ideal. You can even make a paracord bracelet yourself.

5. Fire Starter


Carrying a full-blown fire making kit for EDC purposes is over kill and not necessary. Carrying a butane lighter is perfect for an every day carry fire starter.


If you want to be extra prepared and ready for an emergency, you can also carry some matches. If you’re fancy, make a few DIY waterproof matches to carry.

6. Flashlight

Needing to see in the dark in an emergency instantly reminds us how important it is to be able to see. Have a flashlight with you. A mini tactical flashlight is ideal.

7. Handgun


Deciding to become a concealed carrier has tremendous amounts of responsibility. Ultimately it’s your choice to carry, but I’d rather be the guy protecting himself and loved ones when there is a potential threat around us.

You never know when you’ll need a firearm to save yourself or your family.


As far as EDC essentials go, these are the items that are most commonly carried by preparedness minded individuals. It works well for me as well.

The only item I’d say you can swap out with something else would be the handgun. Maybe a bigger knife.

What tools do you use to build your shelters? Tell us below in the comments.

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