Free Tactical Gear: Perfect For Urban Survival and EDC

Are you looking for opportunities to get some free tactical gear? How about some EDC survival tools? You’re in luck.

I spent weeks going through all of the “free offers” for gadgets, this post is the result of that. Most of the offers I found turned out to be shady companies that were handing out junk. Cheap plastic items that were useless after a short time.

Below, are all the offers that are legitimate.

What are they getting in return? That’s easy. Usually, if you provide value to someone, they tend to want to come back for more later. It’s absolutely true. So it’s in their best interest to sell you high-quality products that work and are durable.

All of these products meet these criteria. Enjoy.

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Everstryke Match


One of the key things you need to think about when camping is fire. Fire provides a very good source of light and heat at night which can help to keep you warm as well as safe. The only issue is if it starts to rain.

If it starts to rain, a traditional match will not work. This is where the Everstryke Match comes in!

The main aim of the Everstryke Match is to provide a small, versatile, and functional lighter that will always work and can be used in a variety of situations when you’re out in the wild!

Who is it for?

The Everstryke Match is for all types of campers and explorers, no matter their experience level. For inexperienced campers, it provides a reliable source of creating a fire that will work every time.

For the more experienced camper, it’s a diverse tool that can be used to create fire but also light stoves easier, burn rope ends, or even opening certain bottles. Just depends on the know-how.


· Contains a Ferro Rod and wick all in one. The main idea is that it fits easily in your pocket and is always accessible. It should work in all conditions.

· Strikes at 3,000 (1649F) and burn at over 315 (600F) which is suitable for setting fire to most wood.

· Capable of lasting over 15,000 long strikes. The built-in O-Ring means that the fuel won’t have a chance of evaporating.

· Easy to use and won’t burn your fingertips.

· Quality of product ensures you will start a fire wherever, whenever. This makes it one of the must-have survival tools!

How Does It Work?

It’s a really easy and simple to use the item. The first step is to unscrew the match stem then fill the lighter fluid canister to about full.

Put the match stem back into the canister and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes.

When you’re ready to strike, remove the match stem and strike it on the Ferro rod. Make sure to strike it away from the lighter fluid canister.

If it doesn’t light, move it back into the lighter fluid for another 5-10 minutes to absorb more fluid.

When finished, blow the match out and put it back into the storage area.

Final Thoughts

The Everstryke Match is the perfect camping tool. Remember the main aim of the lighter is to provide a very versatile, handily sized, and functional lighter.

It is very good value for money (Roughly $10 depending on what website you use) if you choose to use it as an emergency lighter.

One negative is that it is very small. Yes, it can be used over 15,000 times but you will end up refilling it a lot. It’s size also makes it very difficult to disassemble and assemble as the O-Ring can be lost easily.

I would recommend using the Everstryle Match as a supplement tool to another lighter that is much bigger. It is best utilized for small tasks or as an emergency lighter.

Claim your free match here.


Lifestryke Pro

Meet the big brother of the Everstryke, the Lifestryke Pro.

From cooking food to keeping warm, fire is indeed an important element of various uses. Alongside air, water, and land, fire is something that humans just can’t afford to live without.

We use fire every single day for a lot of purposes. We use it for keeping ourselves warm, for cooking our food, for hunting for game, for processing several materials, for creating light in the dark, and for security and safety reasons.

Apart from the obvious functions of fire in our daily lives, it is also being widely used for commercial and industrial purposes such as in manufacturing, production, construction, and processing.

Truly, fire is an essential force. Its significance transcends a variety of functions from the most complex commercial purposes to the most basic survival skillset.

How Adverse Is Reality?

Nowadays, we are being made more aware of how our modernized society can crumble and fall apart at any day. Reality can be very challenging and anything can happen in a snap.

Moreover, adverse situations are like sleeping beasts waiting to be awakened. Once they are triggered, they can wreak havoc on all mankind.

Floods, pandemics, earthquakes, crisis… All these and more are happening more frequently as time goes by. Therefore, it is very important that we know how and we are equipped to survive.

Why It’s A Must-have

How can you easily create fire? What if you lose your matchbox and your lighter accidentally gets destroyed? Imagine these happening to you at a time or situation when all you need to do is to survive.

Fire is vital to survival and without it, life can simply go downhill. Therefore, something reliable, useful, durable, and trusted should accompany you in your survival quest.


This lighter is among the few ultimate survival tools that you should have because of its excellent features and uses.

1) The Lifestryke Pro is completely waterproof. Even if you get submerged in water, you can be assured that you can still use it and start a fire.

2) This lighter is literally indestructible. Why? It’s made of solid stainless steel. It won’t rot and it can resist any impact or force.

3) It is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Forever is indeed possible with the Lifestryke Pro Match.

4) It has a replaceable flint and wick and it’s also refillable for as long as you have it. Plus, it burns at around 600 degrees, making starting a fire an easy task.

5) It is equipped with a travel clip-on, which makes it easy and convenient to carry anywhere.

These multiple features equate to how beneficial it is to own and use the Lifestryke Pro Match. Not only will you be able to do a lot of essential things, owning this lighter can also assure you that you can survive in adverse situations.


It’s very useful and reliable and everyone who’s looking for an excellent survival tool should consider the Lifestryke Pro Match.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, an adventure seeker, a camper, a traveler, a prepper, or a hunter, this tool will definitely be one of your top assets.

Grab yours free now.


SharpCard Credit Card Knife

This is hands down, the ultimate concealed carry knife. This knife is cool. It fits right in your wallet.

Importance Of Basic Tools

We use a variety of basic tools to help us live our busy and active lives smoothly every single day. Without these tools, we will definitely find that the 24 hours of every day are not enough even just to finish menial tasks.

Basic tools such as the knife, scissors, wrench, hammer, rope or cord, tape measure, rake, saw, adhesive tape, flashlight, ladder, fire starter, and other handy tools are very important for us to live, survive, and create.

No one could have ever expressed it even better than Thomas Carlyle, a Scottish philosopher when he stated that “Man is a tool-using animal… Without tools, he is nothing, with tools he is all.”

An Essential Tool

The knife is one of the most popular and useful tools ever invented.

The knife can be used for various purposes. We use it to cut or slice our food, to cut things or materials, to kill game and cut flesh, to easily make an incision or mark, to carve on hard or solid surfaces, and to serve as a weapon for self-defense and protection.

Your knife becomes as handy and as slick as your credit card?


You’ll find that this survival tool is something that everyone should own and use because of its features and benefits.

1) Sharp, handy, and does the job

The credit card knife is adorned with a blade made of high-quality surgical steel. Moreover, it’s only 2mm wide, making it ultra-slim and handy. It can definitely fit in your wallet or pocket.

2) Easy and safe to use

Its form factor is simple and can be quickly converted into a knife. Since it’s very sharp, a safety sheath and handguard are built-in with the form so that you are always protected whenever you carry and use it.

3) Long-lasting

Not only is the blade strong and sharp, but the locking is also waterproof and the SharpCard Credit Card Knife is rustproof.

You Will Definitely Need This If…

You are a survivalist, a traveler, a camper, a prepper, a hunter, an outdoor person, an adventure enthusiast, or someone who just wants to be ready and prepared for anything at all times.

Check out the SharpCard here.


Survival Business Card

The survival business card is the perfect multi-tool for everyday carry.

The Perfect EDC Multi-Tool

We have all been in a situation where it would be handy to have a specific tool at a certain moment. You have probably found yourself wishing that you had a knife, ruler, can opener, wrench, screwdriver, and many other tools that can prove useful at specific times.

If you have found yourself in this sort of situation many times throughout your life, then the Tactical Business Card from the team at Survival Life might just be the perfect option for you. This convenient tool is the size of a credit card and can fit in your wallet.

Though it might be hard to believe, this handy gadget has eleven different tools on it. They are the types of tools that people often find themselves wishing they had at specific moments in time.

With this in mind, it is worth taking the time to look further into the great features and benefits that you can take advantage of if you purchase this great product from Survival Life.


This multi-tool card is useful in many situations.

A Handy Knife Edge and Saw Blade – It is one of the most common occurrences to find yourself needing a knife or saw while you are out and about or enjoying some time in the wilderness. This card delivers on this need and is a convenient way to always have these valuable tools available to use.

A Convenient Can Opener and a Bottle Opener – Just as you have probably found yourself randomly needing a knife, the same is true for handy tools like a can opener or a bottle opener. Both are included on this handy Tactical Business Card.

A Screwdriver and Three Wrench Options – This tool from Survival Life also features a screwdriver and three different types of wrenches. These are three more of the types of tools that you might find yourself needing at the most unexpected of times.

A Ruler – Survival Life also includes a ruler with this useful tool. It is another one of those handy tools that you will appreciate having when a situation arises and you need it.

And that’s not all, it has many other tools making it a powerhouse of functionality.


After taking a look at the features offered on this Tactical Business Card from Survival Life, it is easy to see why it is a beneficial tool to own. The fact that it is small and fits in your wallet like a credit card means that it is never a hassle to carry it.

The tools that come with this product are all the types of things that one might find themself needing randomly. Since the Tactical Business Card is so easy to carry in your wallet, you will never be inconvenienced by it. At the same time, it will be there when you need it.

The benefits make the tool more than worthwhile to claim.

This Is a Product That Is Beneficial To Practically Everyone

This really is a product that virtually anyone can benefit from owning. It is useful for situations where you suddenly need a reliable tool such as the outdoors, or even if you are just out and about in regular day to day life. At the same time, it is a handy tool to have around the house.

The fact that you can put it in your wallet just like a credit card just makes it seem too good to be true.

Learn more about the survival business card here.


FireKable: Paracord Bracelet

You always have to be prepared. That’s where this survival bracelet comes in. There are few tools out there that do a more efficient job at keeping you prepared just by being attached to your wrist.

You must know how you and your family and loved ones could survive no matter what the world throws at you.

Nowadays, reality has struck us hard and has taught us a simple lesson: We will never know what the future holds. Tomorrow is indeed unknown.

What truly matters is that we know the basics of survival. We know how to secure and protect ourselves from adverse situations.

This also entails that we have useful and reliable tools to help us live and be resilient.

What Is The FireKable?

Tagged as the “ultimate survival tool”, the FireKable Paracord Bracelet combines aesthetics and usefulness in the best possible way.

It’s basically a simple and stylish braided cord bracelet that turns into a trusty fire starter and lengthy functional cordage. What adds to its value is it can deceive you into thinking it’s just a simple bracelet, when in fact, it’s way more than that.

1) Easy and convenient

First, it’s very easy to use. Since the FireKable Paracord Bracelet discreetly contains the striker and Ferro rod in its simple form, you can easily start a fire just like how you strike a match.

2) Reliable and long-lasting

Second, it’s super durable. The bracelet is resistant to mildew and rot and the Ferro rod can withstand thousands of strikes if properly used.

3) A great fire starter

Finally, it’s strikes and burns hot. The Ferro rod of the bracelet can produce a fire strike at beyond 3,000 degrees. This can actually set any tinder on fire.

A Must-Have Tool For Survival

Yes, it’s the ultimate survival tool. But it’s also a must-have if you are someone who’s big on survival skills and preparations.

As well all know, fire is very crucial for humans to survive. Fire is a very useful resource to us. We use it to cook our food, to provide us with the comfort of heat, to create a signal by smoke, to help us in hunting, to provide us light in the dark, and to help us in terms of security and escape.

Therefore, having easy access to the fire in the form of the FireKable Paracord Bracelet is truly essential for survival.

Moreover, another benefit of having this survival tool is it can provide you with around 80 feet of reliable cordage. This means that you can start a fire anywhere and anytime you need it. The cordage can also be useful in tying or securing essential things.

Who It’s For

You are someone who loves the outdoors and is always on-the-go.

The FireKable Paracord Bracelet is the ultimate survival tool made for hunters, outdoors people, survivalists, preppers, backpackers, campers, and basically anyone and everyone who wants a reliable tool to survive.

If you are the kind of person who values preparedness, resourcefulness, perseverance, adventure, survival, and life in general, then this survival bracelet is among the best tools you could ever have.

Grab your free paracord bracelet here.


Hybeam Flashlight

This is the perfect tool for the outdoors. The Hybeam Flashlight is a tactical tool for use in the outdoors but it is also perfect for use around the home. Its powerful beam is complemented by the compact size that makes it ideal for carrying in a pocket. It is the perfect option for anyone that always wants to have a good flashlight with them.

Those that are looking for a flashlight that is rugged and provides a dependable source of light will be happy with this product. With this in mind, it is worth looking at the key features and benefits that the Hybeam offers to those who purchase the product.

About the Features

  • Built From Aircraft-Grade Aluminum – The Hybeam’s aircraft-grade aluminum construction provides tremendous durability for this product that is meant to be able to withstand use in the outdoors.
  • Three Convenient Settings – The Hybeam offers three convenient settings. This includes two different brightness levels and a strobe option that is ideal for use in emergencies.
  • A High-Quality YAG Bulb – The YAG bulb featured in the Hybeam is ideal for producing an intense beam of light that is perfect for situations of intense darkness.
  • A Beveled Edge – The beveled edge on the Hybeam is one of the most useful features that can be used in emergencies. It can be used for self-defense and can also be used as a glass-breaker.
  • Waterproof Construction – The waterproof construction of the Hybeam is another reason that this product is ideal for the outdoors and survival situations.

The Benefits of the Hybeam Flashlight

The outstanding range of features that are present in the Hybeam provides a list of great benefits to anyone who purchases it. It is a great flashlight for any use that one might have for such a tool and its durability make it an optimal choice for the wilderness, survival, and emergencies.

The aircraft-grade aluminum construction of the Hybeam means that though it is durable, it is also light. This makes it the perfect flashlight to carry around in everyday circumstances or when out on the trail hunting or doing survival training.

The fact that the Hybeam requires only a single AA battery is another benefit that is enjoyed by many who have purchased it. A single battery will provide users with many hours of reliable light that will come in handy when they need it the most.

Who Is the Hybeam Good For?

To put it simply, the Hybeam is a flashlight that anyone can find a use for. It is a convenient tool for any use that one might need a flashlight for. At the same time, the Hybeam is the perfect flashlight for use in tactical situations such as the outdoors and emergencies.

Whether it is taken along on a hike, a camping trip, a hunting expedition, or a survivalist training session, the Hybeam is a tactical tool that will prove its value. It is a reassuring feeling to have such a convenient and easily carried flashlight on hand when the need arises.

See more about the Hybeam here.


Aquastik Water Filter

There are many portable water filters promoted in the survival gear marketplace. The AquaStiq Water Filter fits uniquely into this category.


  1. It is small. The tubal device can be held in the palm of your hand. It fits easily into a backpack or a pocket.
  2. It’s affordable. The cost is under $20.
  3. It’s quite simple to use. By inserting the AquaStiq straw into just about any outdoor water source, you can sip clean water confidently. AquaStiq has a flow rate that makes drinking from the straw easy.
  4. It’s light. The tube weighs two ounces.
  5. Its filtration is highly effective. It takes 99.9999% of bacteria out of the water. It eliminates 99.9% of the protozoan parasites. It filters the particles out of dirty water down to 0.2 microns, eliminating any cloudy appearance.
  6. It filters 1000 liters of water. Once the tube’s capacity is reached, the device will not allow you to drink more water from it. This feature eliminates the chance of accidentally drinking contaminated water.
  7. It has an indefinite shelf life even after it’s used as long as it has not reached its capacity of 1000 liters.
  8. It’s free of BPA, a chemical used in many plastics that is harmful to humans.
  9. It operates without batteries.
  10. It has no moving parts to wear out.


Easy To Carry On Long Walks or Hikes

AquaStiq is ideal for hunters, campers, survivalists as well as anyone who spends time in the great outdoors. On the contrary, water is heavy. One gallon of it weighs more than eight pounds. If you carry a backpack, the extra weight of the water can be a strain on your neck and shoulders.

Reduces Emergency Water Storage

Experts recommend that families keep an emergency stash of bottled water in their homes. They suggest having a three day supply of one gallon per person. And, if you store this water in plastic bottles, you must remember to rotate the supply; because, after a while, chemicals from the plastic will seep into the H2O. Aquastiq can help reduce the hassle of emergency water storage by offering an easy way to obtain clean water.

Peace of Mind

With AquaStiq, you are ready in the event your drinking water is compromised. Recently, inspectors in Flint, MI found toxins in the public water supply. Bottled water was shipped in; however, the process took days. With this easy to use tube, you can get clean water quickly from a brook or stream.

Is It Good For Outdoor Enthusiasts?

Absolutely! AquaStiq is especially beneficial for campers, backpackers, hunters, bikers, and survivalists. It’s convenient. It’s easy to use. It takes the hassle out of packing and carrying bottled water; and, the water that comes from it is safe, clean, and fresh.

Will It Be Beneficial For Me?

Yes. It’s good for anyone and everyone–all who are concerned about fresh drinking water during water emergencies-tainted tap water, floods, etc. We should all be ready for the unexpected to happen. After all, our survival depends on freshwater.

Learn more about the Aquastik here.



Try not to grab all of them at once. If you’re anything like me, I’m a sucker for trying out new survival or EDC gear and gadgets, especially if they’re free.

Whoever said free tactical gear wasn’t valuable? I hope this page helps you weed out the offers your bombarded with and look at only the quality ones. Any of these products will be useful for you, some of them being on a daily basis.