Buyers Review of The Strikepen by Apesurvival: Everything You Need To Know (And How To Get One Free)

Strikepen Review
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The best tactical pen on the market.

Looking for more information on the Strikepen by Apesurvival? You’re in the right place. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about it. Is it a scam? And if it’s legitimate, are their still free offers for it? We cover all that below, continue reading.

What do the Secret Service and US Special Forces both have in common? Both organizations task their members with carrying the ApeSurvival Strikepen. This tactical pen from ApeSurvival offers a multi-functional format and a do-it-all piece of equipment you need for any survival situation.

A combination of features from a tactical glass breaker made from the strongest steel to an LED flashlight and practical pen with regular ink, the Strikepen is everything you need. Whether defending yourself against something or someone in close range or breaking glass to escape and emergency situation, the Strikepen covers you no matter the situation.


In this article, you’ll learn about the Strikepen, its features, a bit of background in the material used, and how it compares to other survival pens on the market.

Material and Make

Starting from a single piece of alloy material, the Strikepen is machine cut into its specific shape. This means the entire outer shell of the Strikepen is durable and rigid. This method makes the overall pen more structurally resistant to cracks, breaks, and damage in thought situations.


After all, in a survival situation, you need something that can outlast even the toughest moments. Although ApeSurvival doesn’t disclose the exact alloy used, the Strikepen does certainly feel lightweight yet sturdy in hand.

Although we still can’t be sure what the Strikepen is made from, I can definitely say one thing. You won’t need to think twice about the durability of this pen. After holding it and bashing it around, the pen didn’t seem to even remotely notice the damage I tried to inflict.

Seriously, dropping the thing, smashing it against concrete, throwing it down, doesn’t matter. I don’t see a scratch, and neither will you. That’s one reason why the Strikepen is so impressive.

It has serious durability and will survive anything. That’s what you should expect from a survival tool, after all.


The Strikepen is quite simple in the color department. The pen comes in just one color, black. With that said, the matte black finish is scratch resistant.

So, don’t worry about drops or being rough with it. Your Strikepen will still hold up and look sleek down the road, no matter what kind of abuse it endures.





Here’s where the juicy stuff comes into play. The Strikepen comes with a small knife and multi-tool capable of getting a surprising range of tasks done.

The small knife and multi-tool are also sturdy and made from the same alloy material as the outer casing. This means more durability and less worry about breaking while using these tools.

Both the knife and the multi-tool are also interchangeable with the pen tip (which we’ll get to here soon). The multi-tool has four bits, which can be switched up to finish just about any small job.

With a flat head screwdriver, HEX wrench, bottle opener, and knife, this little multi-tool will get you out of tricky situations and open your beers when its time to relax and celebrate another day alive.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that each little tool is interchangeable. This provides for a compact yet versatile tool system that just makes sense.

Pen Tip/Glass Breaker

Most users of survival pens get them for two reasons. First, breaking glass. Second, self-defense. The Strikepen does both of those things exceedingly well.

Like most other self-defense pens, this Strikepen comes with a pen tip sometimes also commonly called a strike pen tip. Strike is used since the tip is meant to be used for striking an object or opponent in self-defense.

This Strikepen, in particular, comes with a pen tip strong enough to break a wide variety of glass. This time, the material of the pen tip is well known.

The pen tip is made from tungsten steel. What’s so special about this material, you ask?

Tungsten is an element from the periodic table with the highest known melting point of any element. That’s right; this pen tip will survive up to just over 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit or 3,400 degrees Celsius.

That temperature resistance also translates to amazing robustness and durability overall. The tungsten alloy contains roughly 18% tungsten and is commonly used in aerospace applications as well as rockets; submarine-launched missiles, and some satellites.

So your pen tip material is the same metal used in making sure rockets and satellites can withstand the punishment of space.


On a more common and practical standpoint, I must remind you this StrikePen does also function as a pen. Most other self-defense and survival pens are just plain difficult to write with.

Not so with the ApeSurvival Strikepen. This pen feels just like any other pen out there. Which is amazing, considering it also supplies you with so many other amenities and features.

Of course, the overall weight of the pen is more than most others(unless you write with a very expensive ink pen). Even with this increased weight, the pen overall is easy to handle and not cumbersome to your writing experience.

Another aspect of the pen is the ink. Rather than use special ink that can survive any situation, the Strikepen uses normal ink found in just about any store, including the OfficeDepot down the street.

That’s a good thing considering you don’t want to shell out twenty bucks for new ink every time you need a refill. Instead, just buy some cheap ink and don’t worry about it.

In fact, this lesson comes from a similar problem back int the 1960’s during the space race. As the story goes, the US and the USSR (now Russia) were trying to figure out how to write things down in space.

NASA, at the time, invested some money into designing and perfecting the best pen possible for zero gravity. The idea being the ink needed to flow well enough for writing on paper.

After several thousands of dollars and a lot of time spent researching and working by engineers, the perfect pen was finally ready! All at the cost of lots of taxpayer dollars.

It seems great, right? A pen that can function in space and write material that can survive any situation! And what did the USSR do? They used a pencil—no extra costs besides a few bucks for pencils, no wasted engineering hours.

As it turns out, some applications are better done simple rather than complex. That’s where the Strikepen shines, and that’s why regular ink is used instead of more expensive ink commonly used by other survival pens.

LED Flashlight

With all of the things the Strikepen does, the LED flashlight is yet another great feature. The LED’s allows the brightness to be high enough for any situation, even the darkest situations.

Given LED technology, it’s also great for the needed ability to pack a punch in such a small space. What may not seem obvious, however, is the presence of the LED flashlight in the first place.

Almost no other survival pen on the market has a flashlight in combination with so many other features like the Strikepen from ApeSurvival. The LED is also surprisingly bright can be recharged when needed.


The Strikepen also comes with a metal clip that allows the pen to be attached to any belt or pants clip. It also easily attaches to any backpack or other place as necessary.

Also worth noting is the metal clip it made from the same material as the outer shell of the Strikepen. This makes for a metal clip that is light yet highly durable.


All in all, the Strikepen packs in many features that other survival pens simply don’t have. But, how much does this survival pen cost, and is it worth it?

For the time being, the answer to the price question is, it’s free! Let me reiterate that it’s free for a limited time.

Typically the pen costs you about $65, but ApeSurvival is currently offering a special promo for a free Strikepen.

So, what’s the catch? There is none. ApeSurvival says they’re doing a free giveaway as part of a national campaign on self-defense and survival.

The goal of this campaign is to better inform the average Americans and families about the importance of self-defense and survival as well as make sure people know what tools are available in case of emergencies.

While I can’t guarantee you’ll get a free one, I would recommend giving their website a visit to see if any are still available.


Aside from the free giveaway, you’ll also get two free manuals on practical survival skills as well. Even if you do pay full price, however, the Strikepen simply is not matched by any other survival pens on the market.

With durable alloy machined from one piece to the series of functions like the multi-tool and flashlight, to the ridiculously strong glass breaking tip and ease of use for writing, the Strikepen by ApeSurvival just can’t be beaten.

So, give ApeSurvival a click and check out the Strikepen.